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Mission: Fragile Inheritance promotes and supports the long term study of species and habitats, human & environmental effects on them, and the conservation of biodiversity, based on the lifetime work of Fred Schueler & Aleta Karstad.

"I am increasingly convinced that the study of biodiversity is far and away the most important endeavor in the history of humanity, certainly until now, and very possibly into the future as well. . . . Unlike physics, unlike chemistry, unlike geology, the clock is ticking on our ability to capture this information before it's gone. Forever."

Fragile Inheritance
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Register Your Homeplace

Register your home place with the Fragile Inheritance Home Place Registry!

Long term monitoring starts at home.

One kind of membership in Fragile Inheritance is a partnership in long term monitoring of your home place. It begins with a small donation and a page on our site, dedicated to your home place. At first all we need is a photo or two of characteristic habitat, a geographic reference (to either be posted or just kept hidden in the database) and your intention to keep records (either meagre but regular or voluminous, it's up to you) of what goes on there through the seasons. We will try to personally visit each Home Place in the Fragile Inheritance registry.

All this will be more easily understood when you see the actual website. We'll put up our Home Place in Bishops Mills as the first one in the registry. Members of the Eastern Ontario NatureList members are invited to be the first to partner with us in the Fragile Inheritance Registry of Home Places - free of charge as charter members! To join the NatureList, please e-mail Aleta Send us one or two photos and your location, as well as a brief description of the habitat and what kind of records you keep. Send us one or two photos and your location, as well as a brief description of the habitat and what kind of records you keep.

Home Places

What can we do to increase awareness of habitat loss, invasive species, and human impact on nature?

There is no other independent organized group in Canada which is dedicated to promoting long term monitoring. This is your chance to support the work of Fragile Inheritance.

About the book...
a painter's ecology of glaciated North America

lavishly illustrated with watercolours and
descriptive prose from sea to sea
drawing the baseline for
a legacy of beauty and
change - Aleta Karstad
and Frederick W .
Schueler's life work